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Talking Parrot/hr.

By far one of the hottest rental items we have to offer, Paulie the Parrot combines the latest robotics and animatronics to be one of the most entertaining guests at your next event. Sitting atop of a wooden perch, Paulie comes equipped with a secret microphone and video camera while a remotely hidden operator acts as the eyes, ears and voice of Paulie the Parrot. By watching the event from a TV monitor, the operator uses a voice synthesizer to control the bird so that he interacts real time with your party guests. Paulie the Parrot guarantees to mesmerize guests with his intelligence, humor and element of mystery. Great for cocktail hour entertainment, birthday parties, wedding receptions and our bird brain trivia game show.

People per Hour: 100+
Power Required: (2) 20 AMPS
Setup Time: 1 Hour
Space Required: 5' X 5'

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