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Oxygen Bar

Experience the latest trend sweeping Las Vegas, New York and many other hip cities. What exactly is an oxygen bar? Imagine a bar similar to the one you go to on the weekends but instead of offering cocktails and wine – you offer a combination of pure oxygen and aroma therapy. Guests will select a favorite scent such as eucalyptus, mint, jasmine, or vanilla from our aroma station and create the perfect blend of scented oxygen for a period of 5-20 minutes. The oxygen bar provides a breathing ratio of 96% pure oxygen as opposed to the 24% in our atmosphere and replenishes the body’s natural energy levels, leaving you feeling totally refreshed. Please note: our oxygen bar is completely harmless and makes a statement at tradeshow booths and high tech theme parties.

People per Hour: 50
Power Required: (4) 20 AMPS
Setup Time: 30 Minutes
Space Required: 10' X 10'

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