Beverage Relay

This wacky and faced-paced game is sure to cool things off at your next summer outing or picnic. Up to six teams compete in this refreshing relay race. Each team member takes a turn wearing a helmet with a cup attached on the top. Teammates then try to fill the cup with water by squeezing water out of the supplied sponges. Once the cup is full, the contestant has to run to the opposite end of the field where they attempt to empty their full cup of water into a pitcher by strategically tilting their head. The first team to fill the pitcher of water wins. Bathing suits optional! 100 people per hour, water source required, 30 minute set-up time, space varies.

People per Hour: 50+
Power Required: WATER SOURCE/ (2) 6' Tables
Setup Time: 15 Minutes
Space Required: ADJUSTABLE

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