Pony Rides (2 Ponies)/hr.

Our sweet-natured and well-groomed ponies will bring smiles to the faces of the children at your party. Pony rides at your event will provide the children with memories of happiness and fun. We have medium and large ponies that can accommodate riders who weigh up to 85-100 pounds. Appropriate ages are 1-10+ years. Young children may need an adult or parent to walk with them. Each pony can give about 30 rides per hour. Each ride is 1-2 minutes in length, depending on the number of children at the event. In planning your event, the best idea is to have the pony rides begin 30 minutes to 1 hour after start of the event to insure that everyone has arrived to take advantage of the pony rides.

People per Hour: 10-30
Power Required: N/A
Setup Time: 1-2 Hours
Space Required: N/A

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